About Us at VegSpirit!

We came to the vegetarian diet through the doorway of spirituality, meditation and yoga, long before the health and environmental benefits were well researched and known. We were blessed with wise teachers who knew that attaining the peace and love that we longed for deep in our hearts would be furthered by our food choices. In the many years since then, we have never regretted that decision to follow the lead of those enlightened ones whose lives are blueprints for the architecture of the highest human life.

Vegetarian Spirituality comes from the vision to create a network throughout the world to:

  • Introduce people to vegetarian, compassionate and spiritually oriented lifestyles.
  • Create communities that supports and inspires those who have chosen this way of life.

We are overjoyed that more and more people of all ages are awakening to this knowledge and embracing the compassionate diet.

Our goal is to be a resource for you in your vegetarian lifestyle. VegSpirit is about all of us. We look forward to hearing from you so together we can create a supportive community for our lifestyle choices.